What Is The Best Digital Grand Piano

Before you purchase a digital grand piano, you should know what some of the top ones are. This will allow you to determine what the best digital grand piano for you to get. Below are some of the best digital grand pianos, as well as information about each one. Compare each one and then you can decide which one you should get.

1. The Yamaha CP300– This piano will provide you with hours of enjoyment, and it is packed with plenty of music-making features. Its main features include key-off samples, string resonance and six languages. The languages are German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French and English. Also, it has a text, music score and lyrics display function, which is useful and you can customize the background display.

Yamaha CP300

Yamaha CP300 Stage Piano


It also features more than 360 regular voices and over 10 mega voices. It has 10 organ flutes voices, 56 live voices and 23 sweet voices. If you’re looking for a high quality digital grand piano, then look no further than the Yamaha CP300.

2. The Suzuki MDG-300 In Black- It features a simulated maple inner board and if you have a small space you’d like to occupy, then the Suzuki MDG-300 is a good way to do it. It is not that large and it can add more charm to your living space. It doesn’t matter how small or large your space is, you should have no problems fitting this piano in it.

Suzuki MDG-300 Brown

Suzuki MDG-300 Brown Micro Grand Digital Piano


Asides from being pleasant to look at, it plays great and has a powerful sound. It is blue tooth compatible and it features 88 keys and a large LCD colored display. Not only that, but it has a six speaker stereo. If you’re looking for a piano that looks great and is easy to play, then you’ll want to get the Suzuki MDG-300.

3. Medeli Digital Grand 1000– This piano has four assignable knobs and a complete drum kit, as well as three assignable pedals. Best of all, it has more than 650 on-board sounds, and 240 styles that are built-in and it is equipped with a seven-inch touch screen. As for internal memory, it has a lot of it, so you won’t have to worry about not having enough memory or anything like that.

Medeli Digital Grand 1000

Medeli Digital Grand 1000


This is a great piano for beginners and experienced players alike, and it is affordable, as it sells for around $3,000, which is a good price for a piano that is packed with many features and one that is very durable and reliable.

4. Williams Rhapsody 2 Digital Piano- One of the most affordable digital pianos is the Williams Rhapsody piano, and it features a wood-like finish and it features 88 keys. If that wasn’t impressive enough, it provides users with high definition sounds and it looks great, so feel free to put it in any room. It provides users with realistic sounds on various instruments, and it includes a number of demo songs. As for durability, the piano is quite durable, but it is not exactly the most durable piano out there, so if you’re looking for one that is extremely durable, then this isn’t it.

Williams Rhapsody 2 88-Key

Williams Rhapsody 2 88-Key Console Digital Piano


As previously mentioned, the Rhapsody 2 is affordable. Although not the most durable piano, you can’t go wrong with it. Depending on where you buy it from, you can expect to pay around $500 for it.

5. Casio CGP-700BK– This grand digital piano sells for under $800, but it is easily considered to be one of the best digital grand pianos on the market today. Some of its main features includes a quality six speaker sound system and two hundred ensemble rhythms. It has a colored touch screen too, and it is very responsive.

Casio CGP-700BK 88-Key

Casio CGP-700BK 88-Key Digital Grand Piano


It has transpose buttons that are conveniently placed, which means you’ll have no problems shifting to a different key, when you need to shift. This piano is ideal for beginners because it will help them learn how to properly play a piano. Also, the surface of the keys feel completely natural, so you will enjoy a great playing experience if you decide to purchase the Casio CGP-700BK.

6. The Artesia AG-28 Micro– This piano is a must for piano lovers, and it mixes elegance and state-of-the-art technology. It has a ebony cabinet with a polished finish, and it features instrument voices that are expressive and the sound delivery system is unlike anything most pianos have. If you and your family are on the lookout for a high quality grand digital piano, then this is the one you want to get.

Artesia AG-28

Virgin Musical Instruments Artesia AG-28 Micro Grand Digital Piano


The piano’s keyboard looks and feels authentic, which means you’ll feel like you’re really playing an acoustic piano. It’s hammer action is great too. This means you’ll enjoy a smooth playing experience, so it doesn’t matter how demanding you are or if you’re completely new to the piano world, you’ll love this digital piano. It sells for around $1,600, but it is worth every single dollar, so consider buying it if you need a piano that will last for years to come, and one that looks great.

7. The Yamaha Arius YDP162B– Finally, we have the Yamaha Arius YDP162B, which costs around $1,300 and it has grand hammer weighted action. This means key stability is excellent and the keys are very responsive and the keys are easy to grip. You’ll find it easy to play this piano, but it is still good enough for professional piano players too.


Yamaha Arius YDP162B Traditional Console Digital Piano


Other notable features is its two-track song recorder. It is built-in and it allows you to practice with one hand at a time. When it comes to choosing a digital grand piano, you want one that is easy to play and has good features, and this is why you can’t go wrong with the Yamaha Arius YDP162B.

You can’t go wrong with any of the above digital grand pianos. They are all unique in their own ways and they are packed with great features. All you have to do now is determine which one is the best digital grand piano and order it as soon as possible.